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Developed in the early 1970’s, a process stabilizing the unstable hydrogen peroxide with the addition of antimicrobial silver, can be seen as a ‘stabilizer and activator’ at the same time. The resulting silver hydrogen peroxide as a result of H2O2+Ag is safe for both humans and the environment. Silver hydrogen peroxide or silver peroxide holds a more superior position in the range of disinfectants because of its superb antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial abilities. Disinfecting all areas where pathogen reduction and sterilization are a prime necessity.  Just like normally activated H2O2, all sorts of active oxygen compounds are formed (radicals, anions, etc.), but the interactive forces between silver and H2O2 in silver hydrogen peroxide forces the active compounds to possess a higher kinetic energy. This higher kinetic energy enables them to penetrate cell walls easier and faster and oxidize microbial cells more effectively. At the reaction end, the non-reacted hydrogen peroxide remains stabilized as H2O2 and the reacted H2O2 breaks down to water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). This remaining silver H2O2 remains stable and non-reacted, known as depot action, which ensures a long lasting period of disinfection. Hydrogen peroxide and silver is a universal multipurpose disinfectant with a wide range of applications. The silver in hydrogen peroxide acts on the DNA, while the H2O2 is corrosive on the cell walls, making this hydrogen peroxide with silver work on a dual phase. Hydrogen peroxide and silver, shortened to silver hydrogen peroxide is safe, hassle free, long lasting disinfectant.  




Eco friendly

A colourless, odourless water based disinfectant that is practically nontoxic, degrading into water and oxygen, and no other harmful…



Apart from its capability to kill germs, the following attributes make it all-rounder, accounting for its wide range of industrial…


Broad Spectrum

Effective against all sorts of gram positive bacteria, fungi, yeasts, spore forming sheathed and unsheathed viruses,protozoa, and…



Like ozone, the mechanism of action of silver hydrogen peroxide is oxidizing in nature. On coming in contact with organic material,…

Applications of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Alstasan Silvox finds a wide range of applications in various industries



Agriculture from the Late Latin word agricultura where 'agri' means field, and 'cultura' means cultivation…

  • Open field cultivation for crops only to be cultivated in their growing season, without…
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  • Floriculture is a branch of horticulture referring to the practice of growing…

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage, abbreviated as F & B, signifies the sector or industry that specifically deals in conceptualizing, preparing and…

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An organization or establishment, devoted to the promotion of a particular cause or program. They…

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Process Industries

Industries, where the processing of bulk resources, are either continuous or occur in batches; not necessarily for human consumption. In process…

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