An organization or establishment, devoted to the promotion of a particular cause or program. They are often remarked as biking parts, with the complete bicycle as society. These are structures and systems of social levels and collaboration overseeing the behaviour of two or more people. Institutions are related to a social purpose and intentions, rising above individual human lives and expectations, and with the making and enforcement of standards/ rules representing helpful human conduct.


Hospitals are fixed facilities that provide health care services, with specialized staff and equipment to nurse the sick and injured people. Hospitals take up a vital part in the health care system. They are important human care institutions that have a composed therapeutic and other expert staff conveying medical, nursing and other related services 24*7. They offer a various acute, recovering and terminal care using diagnostic and remedial administrations as a part of reaction to…

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Hotels and other institutions

Hotels and other institutions provide various services, both basic and recreational. It includes malls, gymnasiums, spas, etc. Hotel origins from the French word hôtel meaning a building seeing successive guests, and giving them the apt care, as opposed to just accomodation. Generally it is known to as an inn, an establishment with at least six bedrooms, with at least three not joined (en suite) private restroom facilities. The facilities provided range from a basic informal…

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