Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage, abbreviated as F & B, signifies the sector or industry that specifically deals in conceptualizing, preparing and distribution of food and beverages to different hospitality industries. The Food and Beverage Industry, in the past half-century or so, has transformed drastically from being just a collection of business operations to trillion-dollar powerhouse headed by giant international corporations. It incorporates the strategies and procedures used to change raw ingredients into edible form for human utilization. Food processing takes clean, collected or butchered and butchered parts and uses them to deliver attractive food items.


Beverage or drink can be regarded as any liquid acceptable for drinking and more specifically prepared for human consumption. All refreshments/ beverages, including juice, sodas, and other carbonated beverages, have some type of water in them. An alcoholic beverage is normally known as liquor, despite the fact that, in science the meaning of a liquor incorporates numerous different other compounds. Non-alcoholic ones typically contain liquor, for example, beer and wine however are made with under…

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Dairy refers to as a business venture that has been set up for the preparing or reaping of animal milk commonly from goats or bovines furthermore from sheep, horses, buffaloes or camels with the end purpose of human consumption. Dairy items delivered under unhygienic or unsatisfactory conditions have a raised chance of containing microscopic organisms. Appropriate sanitation rehearses help in lessening the rate of bacterial growth, and pasteurization extraordinarily reduces the measure of sullied milk…

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Food processing refers to the identification, collection, processing and transformation of raw ingredients into edible form by chemical and physical means. Food is any substance intended to give dietary support to the body. It is for the most part of plant or animal origin, and contains crucial supplements, for example, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. Today, most of the nourishment required by the steadily expanding population of the world is supplied by the food business. Food…

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