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Tired of arid uninhabitable lands! Even with the roaring fertilizing costs, their continual usage proves phytotoxic. We have the solution for you.

India is mostly agrarian economy with more than 70% of the population depending on it. Soil fertility has a huge impact on agricultural crop yields. The potential for expanding irrigated agriculture is decreasing as it becomes more expensive or risky in involving further exploitation of water resources. It has been estimated that even if the full irrigation potential of the country were to become operative, 50 per cent of the net sown area would continue to be rain fed. The fertilizer and disinfectant uses are also increasing day by day alongside this problem. Like, in 2004-05, the total NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium, or fertilizer) per hectare consumption for the state of Andhra Pradesh was 158.80 kg (CMIE 2006) as against the India's 88.11 kg/Ha by the Fertilizer Association of India. These figures cannot be ignored.

Alsta Hydrogel is a water absorption agent that once added to the soil or substrate will absorb and retain large quantities of water and nutrients, nearly up to 400 times its own weight, with its unique mechanism of discharging it only when the crop demands for it. Hydrogel adheres to the roots and release water only under the effect of osmotic pressure from the plant, remaining stable in the soil for nearly 5 years. Dry mixed with fertilizers, it can stably provide fertile nutrients to the roots for a longer period, reducing nearly 15 – 20% of fertilizer usage.


Chemtex Speciality Limited globally markets Potassium based Water Retention Polymer under the registered trade name of ALSTA HYDROGEL.


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