Revolution in Organic Farming: Silver Hydrogen Peroxide


The word organic has gained substantial attention in recent years, but why? People are literally done with the usage of synthetic chemicals which act fast but we, humans, those at the end of the line pay a heavy fine.

Nano silver based Hydrogen Peroxide might sound heavy in name, but is completely nontoxic and eco-friendly in nature. Meeting all the demands of being natural, and bringing a revolution in the field of organic farming.

Needless to say, water and oxygen are both nontoxic.

And, the remaining silver has been proven to be way below toxic levels, and is only beneficial to everyone; like increasing the shelf life of fruits with its anti-senescence property, disinfection with the antimicrobial property, and many more to follow.

The prime characteristics that are required to be fulfilled for organic farming and how are they met with silver hydrogen peroxide!

Without altering any basic characteristics of the soil, it protects soil fertility.

Harvesting supplements and traditional methods like vermicomposting (i.e., with earthworms) are not hampered with its usage.

Being nontoxic, the natural waste products can still be reused, without hindering the natural crop cycles.

Minimal thermal, biological, and chemical mediation is allowed, which are all met with silver peroxide; it is a cold sterilant, nontoxic on mammalian/ macro level, and eco friendly leaving behind no unwanted chemical reaction.

One of the many applications of this biodegradable disinfectant includes safe sanitation of animal husbandries, which help in preventing animal related diseases, paying full attention to their housing, health and development.

Above went the tamed ones, what about the untamed or wildlife; well, silver hydrogen peroxide does not impair the natural harmony/ balance between the living species.


Still thinking where to get, look no further!

Chemtex Speciality Limited globally markets Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide made from a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide IP and Nano Silver particles, under the registered trade name of Alstasan Silvox.



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