Replacing chlorine water treatment With Alstasan Silvox


Water Treatment, a chain of process carried out to purify water with different desired end results. These include physical as well as chemical means. Visible impurities can be removed through physical means like filtration, sedimentation and decantation but problem arises for invisible pathogenic organisms which can only be removed through chemical addition. Various advanced chemical technology incorporated processes like UV treatment, chlorination, sludge drying, fluoridation, etc. are used for such purposes out of which Chlorination is mostly popular and cheap.  

The application of chlorine as liquid or tablets for water treatment purpose in order to remove harmful pathogens like bacteria, algae commonly habituated in water reservoirs walls and in water tanks is termed as Chlorination. It is preferred because of the oxidizing nature of chlorine which helps in in water treatment and its purification. Preferably used on a large scale for surface cleaning, bleaching and odor removal, Chlorine reacts with microorganisms and oxidizes them, disallowing their growth and replication for a considerable period of time.

Chlorine when added to water, forms Hypochlorous Acid and Hydrochloric Acid. The Hypochlorous ions (HOCl)- are highly oxidizing in nature and when it comes in contact with microbe walls, it breaks down the proteins in the cells causing their disintegration and complete eradication from the nucleus. Treatment with Chlorine works against a wide-range of bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms responsible for fouling the application areas.

Chlorination finds most of its applications as a

  • Bleaching Agent and Disinfectant for both Domestic as well as Industrial purposes
  • Disinfecting Agent in Water Treatment Applications
  • Deodorizing and Cleaning Agent in Indoor as well as Moderate Outdoor Facilities and
  • Stain Remover and Bleach

But the problem with chlorination is that it has to follow up with de-chlorination, reason being the toxicity of chlorine. Chlorine has a tendency to react with organic contaminants to form Disinfection by products which can affect human health if subjected or in simple words, chlorination process may disinfect water but leaves toxic and harmful by products in form of DBPs which are needed to be removed through de-chlorination or filtration. In some cases, it has been seen that the total disinfected water could not be utilized because of high chlorine level, increasing the total cost and wastage of water at the same time. So, it is needed to check the rate of chlorine application with chemicals that does not leave any toxic residue behind and yet coat effective.

Why Alstasan Silvox?

Hydrogen Peroxide, being a strong oxidizing agent with silver effectively manifesting anti-microbial property, brings huge difference as a rapid disinfecting agent with limited or rather no toxicity.

Alstasan Silvox is a synergy of hydrogen peroxide and silver, utilized as a multi-purpose sanitizer and disinfectant in different applications of food processing, beverage, brewery, dairies, agriculture, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, fisheries, poultry, drinking water, swimming pools, air conditioning, wineries, water tank and pipeline disinfection, reverse osmosis membrane, fumigation, effluent detoxification and various processing industries and institutes.

Alstasan Silvox works as an eco-friendly disinfectant, manifesting high efficacy in killing harmful micro-organisms from almost all types of hard surface without leaving any kind of toxic residues on them. The process of disinfection is carried out by highly volatile hydrogen peroxide which releases hydroxide radicals, which on contact with micro-organisms kills them. The Nano silver quickly stabilizes the peroxide and store it for further disinfecting application. The chemical alliance of silver and hydrogen peroxide manifests superior anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, efficaciously eradicating harmful micro-organisms and preventing further replication of them as the silver present in this combination alters the DNA structure of the same.

The combination of these two provides high efficacy in killing of pathogenic elements in almost all possible applications such as water, air and any hard surface. It acts as a universal biocide, disinfecting air, water, soil and surface


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