Reduce Microbial Overload with Ready to Use Eco Friendly Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Formulation


The sole use purpose of a disinfectant is to kill and prevent microbial overload by keeping a check on pathogen colonizations. But, most of them have a potentially noxious effect upon the eco-system and carry along chances of residual toxicity, often in a directly proportional relationship. Hence it comes as no surprise that these chemicals can harm plants and animals, including humans, if used without caution.

When compared to other forms of disinfectant and sterilant such as Glutaraldehyde, QAC, Formaldehyde, Chlorine ion, the disinfecting efficacy of Nano Silver Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide finds itself on another level. The primary reason being no residual toxicity, nor any adverse effects on socials and its stability. Products with chlorine, quaternaries, aldehydes result in harmful by-products, shows mutagenic and carcinogenic effects and instability.

Do we have any safer alternative?

Yes. We do. Hydrogen peroxide and nano silver based Alstasan Silvox

Hydrogen peroxide has been well known as eco-friendly sanitizer for its effective antimicrobial efficacy, usage flexibility, non-toxicity and biodegradability. Effective over a plethora of microorganisms, hydrogen peroxide works fast with excellent material compatibility and negligible toxicity, by breaking down into water and oxygen. Blended with Nano Silver particles (Ag-NP). How effective are Nano Silver Ions?

Inferences regarding silver being an effective antimicrobial agent has received global attention in recent times, especially Ag-NP (Silver Nano particles). Nano particles possess a broader spectrum of antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, having the ability to pierce through microbial DNA, autolyzing and resulting in cellular death. Owing to their large surface to volume ratio, the Ag-NP easily permeates membranes, producing reactive oxygen molecules and preventing replication of DNA on silver ions release.

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“Alstasan Silvox” tradename for Silver Hydrogen Peroxide were limited to concentrated product.

But in how things stand today and with 50 years of experience, we have come up with two new formulations that are ready to use, needs no brainstorming before use and can be availed by all. Buy directly from our website. 

Alstasan Silvox 150 Fume - Indoor Air Fumigant

Alstasan Silvox 150 Fume for indoor air disinfection to eliminate the existence of all air borne pathogens. Not only limited to indoor air, the product can even disinfect AC vents, upholstery, curtains, fabric materials. How? Simply fumigate through heated fogging machines/ fumigator for 15 minutes or till visible thick fumes. After fumigation, let it settle down onto the floors, walls, curtains, furniture, fabrics,  even disinfecting the surfaces. The positive silver nanoparticles remain suspended in the air and neutralize any airborne threats till 24 - 36 hours.

Fumigate your rooms, cabins, shops, storage areas, showrooms, studios, clinics, restaurant, salons, schools, kitchens, boutique, theatres, furniture, upholstery, air vents, kitchen, workplaces, cars, and other enclosed spaces of residential, commercial and industrial entities. The Aloe Vera extracts in this formulation helps in producing good amount of smoke and reaching every corner, ensuring effective spread of the same. Even safe to be used in presence of humans, convenient to be used with air conditioner, it even disinfects its interior ducts and vents. Just pour the liquid in the fumigation machine tank and start fumigation.

Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist - Multipurpose Spray Disinfectant

Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist a food grade multipurpose spray disinfectant which ensures rapid disinfection of application areas within 60 seconds, is proven effective for decontamination of soft surfaces when applied as a spray with no wiping required. Requires no heat, only cold fogging.

Use Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist as a spray disinfectant for direct spraying on human contact surfaces, skin, fabric, walk through tunnels, upholstery, kitchen surfaces, workplaces, living rooms, including decontamination of coveralls such as PPE, aprons, masks, etc. Neither you need to dilute it nor it requires post wiping. Just Spray.

“ALSTASAN SILVOX” is FDA approved non-toxic, no rinse, easy to use and store, non-fuming and biodegradable product. “SILVOX” is even recommended by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Government of Kerala.

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