Organic Farming Boost in Sikkim


Sikkim, the quiet holiday destination in the mighty Himalayan Mountains has taken a huge step to negate out the dangers of all artificial/synthetic agro-chemicals. The initial steps began with disposing the usage of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, making mindfulness among farmers about the advantages of natural nourishment. To actualize this vision, Division of Horticulture, Sikkim arranged an idea paper and Activity Arrangement entitled “Going for Organic Farming in Sikkim – A Concept Paper and Action Plan, May 2003”

Main objectives

  • To promote Sikkim as an organic state
  • Framework measures that discourage the use of synthetic composts and pesticides and continuously substitute plant supplements by natural excrements and manures and also to control diseases and pests by organic means
  • Build basic infrastructure and statutory development to initiate actual organic farming in Sikkim
  • Create or develop markets for organic food produce
  • Formulate a plan for all of the above

Road Map being paved

  • Firstly, discouraging the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, substituting them with organic ones
  • Secondly, to establish basic infrastructure and legal necessities for this implementation since there are no policies, law, or certifications at present

The government there even banned the subsidies on artificial pesticides, transport commissions, etc.

That’s not all, the government even took up a seven year plan to fully wipe out synthetic chemicals and replace them with organic ones. Government farms at Nazitam (E. Sikkim) and Mellidara (S. Sikkim) were converted to “Centre of Excellence for Organic Farming” with many more to follow.


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