Kidney Dialysis Unit Disinfection

Kidneys play a vital role playing the blood garbage cleaners. They channel waste, excess liquid, and other toxins from the blood. If the kidneys fall short of functioning, you will be requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant to assume control over their employment.

How Silver Hydrogen Peroxide can be effective in dental clinics

Hospital Disinfection has always been one of the prime concerns for safe disinfection, since nosocomial infections is now quite a heard term, and both patients and doctors are exposed to blood and saliva on a daily basis. Blood and saliva contains…

Life in a biofilm

Biofilm is a new concept, where slime which is an exogenous secretion of the bacterial cell walls, adhere other sorts of bacteria, together forming a protective covering, not for one but for colonies of bacteria.

How to Replace Chlorine

Chlorine has been the number one disinfectant for safe drinking water. It came into the limelight during the 1900s when in the hurricane struck areas, clean drinking water was required in a short period of time. Chlorine brought the revolution by eliminating…

Chlorine vs Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Water is the most vital resource on earth, with all the plants and animals needing it to survive. There would be no life on Earth if it wasn't for water. Two thirds of the planet is seawater, and is undrinkable. Only 0.5% of all fresh water…